Inside Sapperton Tunnel (3)

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There is much to see inside Sapperton Tunnel. Graffiti are noticeable by their absence, but this lone example does little to dampen the visitor's spirits, whatever was intended!

This is typical of the roughly hewn and blasted sides of the tunnel, for much of its length. Sections through softer rock and soil are brick lined and the admirable brickwork is still today, 200+ years after its creation, in excellent condition. All the more remarkable considering the underground conditions in which the tunnel was lined, not to mention the damp conditions which the brickwork has survived.

The vertical groove to the right of the graffito, is probably from one of the hand turned drills, into which a charge of black powder would have been inserted to blast away the hard rock. Other points of interest during a trip are the cast iron chain number markings showing progress through the tunnel. Boat trips turn at about the 50 chain point, less than a third of the 173 chain length of the tunnel.

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