The Coracle Files (4)

- they might not be perfect, but as long as the boat holds together .........

The galvanised panel pins substituting for gimp pins don't seem to have been a problem so far, but just as I was beginning to think that having got the ash laths, a seat, calico and paint, that I was ready to start, it occurred to me that maybe a little bit of planning would help.

With the aid of some scribbled diagrams and a bit of basic trigonometry that I'd hardly used since school, I started working out how long each of the various laths needed to be for the various parts of the coracle.

For the crosswise ones, the seven foot laths that I had were more than adequate, but the lengthwise ones really needed to be a bit longer, and the diagonals definitely needed to be at least eight feet.

I knew enough about carpentry to know that sticking two laths together end-on probably wouldn't work very well!

I phoned my ash-man again.

"Yes, I can certainly do you some ten foot laths. Next Saturday okay?"

Another thirty five pounds later, I had what seemed like loads of ash - enough to make two coracles?

A local friend was catching our enthusiasm and said that she fancied making a coracle as well, so it didn't look too expensive after all.

At last I thought, I've got all I need to start work! .....

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